How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook Contest for Marketing

by Anna McHenry April 4, 2013

Since Facebook has become a well-known social platform, more and more small businesses have stepped up and made sure their presence is part of the scene. There are many ways a business can use Facebook to help gain customer exposure. One of the many ways is to have a contest on their Facebook page. The contest will attract hundreds if not thousands of people if the prize is worth their effort. There are some things that a business should do to use Facebook content for marketing purposes.



Determine the Right Contest


There are four different types of contents that a small business can have on Facebook. They can have sweepstakes, essay, photo or video submission. Each will have a different amount of effort by the person entering, so this should be taken into consideration.


Understand Facebook’s Polices and Guidelines


Facebook has several do’s and don’ts when it comes to contests. One of the rules is not to use the ‘Like’ button as an entry into the contest. Also, before you publish the winner’s name on the business Facebook page, you must notify the winner by email, snail mail or a phone call. Then you must get their permission to display their name on your business page. Another rule that Facebook makes clear is that you must show the rules and guidelines on the content page where everyone can see it.


Pick a Prize


When picking a prize; make it something that relevant to your business. There is nothing wrong with giving away an iPad when you’re a home décor business but it can be better to give away something that has to do with your business. When the winner wins something that has to do with your small business you will be giving them something to remind them of you. This can bring in future business by them and give them a good feeling about your business.


Keep Your Contest Simple


Keep the entry to the contest simple. If you make it too hard to enter then this will shy people away from wanting to enter. The easier you have to enter, the more people you will get to come and like your page and enter in the contest. This will allow you to get more exposure on your Facebook feed.


Tell The World


Make sure once you have your contest up and running on your Facebook page that you have shared the details with the world. This means to promote it on your page, Twitter, email newsletters and other sources that will get it out to more than your regular customers. Also, don’t forget to place something about it on your business website.


Facebook Ads


If you have the budget to invest in marketing the contest, then try Facebook Ads. This will increase your exposure and reach many more people than you may be able to. You will need to make sure your Facebook Ad is simple but eye-catching. The ads are small but many small businesses have found them to very successful.


Follow up


Once your contest is over, make sure to gather all of the information you have learned about the people who have entered. You can take their information and place it in a database and use it for future promotions. Also, it is the best to make sure you send everyone a friendly email letting them know who won the contest (if you have permission from the winner) and let them know about any specials they have. Or you can give them a discount on a future purchase they make to thank them for the entry.

Anna McHenry
Anna McHenry is the Director of Client Services here at McKremie. She tweets from @McKremie so stop by and say "hi" on Twitter.

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