9 Tricks to Boost Up Your Content Marketing with Killer Headlines

by Derek Luise May 10, 2019

To nobody’s surprise, there are numerous ways of crafting headlines. You can try any one of them.

But before that, you have a task left to do.

What’s that?

It is, thinking about why are you trying to craft a good headline. To boost up your content marketing and eventually your sales, isn’t it?

That it is.

For a good number of years, people have been going through the surefire ways of crafting good headlines mechanically. But are these tricks enough to persuade your target audience and make them get in touch with you?

I don’t think so, do you?

Well if you agree with me on this point then here are a 9 ways that can help you craft superb headlines that’ll eventually boost your content marketing like nothing else.

  1. Stay It Subtly but Directly

Your headlines should be direct. Much more than it has been till date.

No reason for acting over friendly or of being funny with wordplays.

Just hit the pain point and that’ll do. So, if you can place robust offers or if you are a recognized brand with which your readers are already familiar with, your job is going to get done.

  1. Show Them Their Advantages

If you become successful in showing your clients what advantages they’ll get if they buy from you, then that’ll definitely opt for buying from you.

Place your unique selling proposition or USP in your headline and that’ll work perfectly fine.

It will increase your chances of targeting the exact segment of the audience that’ll buy from you and not just a random person who felt interested in seeing your blog topic.

Also, if your buyer is in a haste and they just come across your headline, it’ll stick on their mind that you have an offer from them. I can tell you they’ll definitely come back to your post once they have their leisure time.

No issues if you find it tough in crafting such a headline, just take your time to craft one. After all, it will boost your sales, so, it deserves the time it’ll take.

  1. Command Your Readers

Sales copies crash regularly since they fail terribly to guide the reader to the objective.

This feature type enables you to be immediate, give an advantage, and appear with a commanding stance altogether. It’s not something that is conversational, instead, it’s oppressive — yet in a worthy way that users have generally been expecting in a clear composition.

  1. Announce Your Content

Individuals go through newspapers and magazines regularly since they cherish news.

It’s simply just an essential human instinct. We’re quite curious by nature.

It is not like we just need to know; it is that we have to know. Throwing your headlines and titles in such a manner that proposes a news, instead of publicizing, can have the equivalent ground-breaking intrigue of a feature story in the newspaper.

A significant note: The product or the service that you are providing doesn’t really need to be recently made to qualify as news. It only must be a surprising bit of information to your reader.

  1. Provide them with Such Information That’s Useful

Give me a chance to educate you about something interesting.

The vast majority of people don’t need data. I realize you’ve generally been shown things differently, yet it’s valid.

Today, individuals are suffocating in certainties and facts.

In 2019, what people truly look for is a feeling of order and consistency in their daily lives. We need to sense a feeling of control over our reality.

In such a way, we look for the insider facts, tips, indications, laws, standards, and arrangements that guarantee to enable us to pick up control and understand things that are truly necessary.

  1. “How-to” Is A Good Way to Approach

Looking for a catchy title you can start with “How to”.

With such a headline, it refers to the user that the primary focus is to make your users feel that you have something that can make up their needs and sort problems that they are currently facing.

Though crafting a how-to headline you need to make sure that you highlight the end result of the article or the benefit your users get from the article and not just the process.

Suppose if you jot down a blog on laundry service and entitle it “How to start with a laundry service” it won’t work. You need to highlight the benefit.

It needs to be like this, “How to make money real quick from your new laundry business”. That’ll help you in getting your job done.

All you require doing is hitting the point of an advantage starting with “how to” or how”.

  1. Provoke Them

Posing an inquiry legitimately includes your reader.

Nonetheless, your inquiry can’t be irregular or astute. It must relate legitimately and plainly to the real advantage of the item.

Make it so provocative that your user feels like answering positively or at least they wish to know more from you.

I can provide you with some examples:

  • Just got a ticket for speeding up? Go through this.
  • How to know which mutual fund will benefit you the most?
  1. Let Out Effective Testimonials

The headline of your testimonial can help you with two things.

To start with, it gives your reader, an outsider endorsement of the product or service that you provide them with.

Secondly, it benefits from the way that people, all over, like to recognize what other fellows say about it. Such for instance,

  • “Amazing work and the way I lost my extra flabs is just mind-blowing! I can’t believe these people could turn me i.e., an ugly duckling to the most eligible bachelor. Women are lining in front of my house to ask me out on a date. Keep up the good work guys!”

A trick to compose proper testimonials is by forming it in the first person and then adding inverted commas around it. Such a “virtual testimonial” provides you with a lot more intriguing headlines and improves readability.

  1. Give Something Extra

Individuals don’t keep faith in sales copy.

Also, it is in light of current circumstances. A ton of it demonstrates wrong or are out and out deceptive. To slice through this distrust, you can add a bit of a bonus to your headline that appears to be strange, yet seems to be valid.

Take a look at the forthcoming headlines and notice how the words ” British guy” emerge. Their particularity or idiosyncrasy includes an honest aura that customary copy would never accomplish.

  • British guy has a 20 yearlong foolproof theory which can help you in setting up an established business really quick.


There are numerous ways of crafting striking headlines that work like anything. No matter whatever technique you opt for, don’t jump into it. take your time and decide which would work the best for you. Brainstorm with your fellow team members or colleagues.

You have no idea about what you want before you pitch for it.

So, try to get yourself a good number of options to choose from. And, after that, go with the one that you find fitting the best with your requirements and is the best one for the purpose, which will appear to be the most power-packed headline.

I hope this article of mine has been able to solve your queries. If not, feel free to give us a call.

Derek Luise
Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.