A Beginners Guide to Creating an SEO Friendly Website

24 Mar 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Creating an SEO friendly website means creating an attractive website that readers enjoy as well as one that the search engines will rank high, giving you more views. It is about creating the perfect balance between user versatility and pleasing the search engines. If you make too many technical changes, your website becomes less user-friendly, […]
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The Advantages of Performing Regular SEO Website Audits

15 Feb 2016 By Stuart McHenry
When most people hear the word audit, it often conjures up thoughts of the IRS. However, an SEO website audit is in a whole different category. Performing an SEO audit on your site is, in fact, an extremely beneficial and essential thing in ensuring that your site and marketing strategy are well developed. If you […]
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6 Important SEO Trends to Expect in 2016

6 Jan 2016 By Stuart McHenry
With the New Year comes new and fresh SEO practices that are worth checking out and should be considered seriously as a contemporary content marketer. In the US alone, 12 billion web searches are performed every month, which makes SEO one of the most significant efforts that get visibility, drives traffic, and boosts your brand […]
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The Fast-10 Google Penalty Recovery Service

5 Jan 2014 By Stuart McHenry
We are launching a new service here at McKremie.  It’s called The Fast-10 Google Penalty Recovery Service.  To qualify for this service is simple, you just need to be a large enough brand, and have been slapped with a manual Google penalty.  You also need to have received at least $15,000,000 in venture capital money.  […]
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How to Tell if Your SEO Company Sucks

21 Apr 2013 By Anna McHenry
Search engine optimization is certainly a tough industry for your average business owner to understand. All of the complicated lingo regarding keyword density, backlinks and citations can make the owner of a small business’ head spin. For this reason, many of them leave the technical mumbo-jumbo to the SEO Company and simply look at the […]
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What’s the Difference: Content Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

17 Apr 2013 By Stuart McHenry
Content marketing, inbound marketing, digital marketing…marketing, marketing, marketing. What’s a business owner to do when faced with all these sub-categories of promoting their business to potential customers? It’s enough to create a marketing madness that isn’t a positive one, but that instead has you wanting to digital your content and market it inbound, or something […]
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Stop Writing Keyword Stuffed SEO Articles Already!

12 Apr 2013 By Stuart McHenry
For over a whole year, web analysts have been claiming that SEO is dead and they could be right. Actually, search engines are smarter and can detect keyword stuffing and many other search engine optimization elements that actually turn on a red flag when they are encountered on a web page. The main problem is […]
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How to Find an SEO Firm That Won’t Ruin Your Business

21 Mar 2013 By Anna McHenry
With an increased dependence on internet search engines results for providing exposure for businesses, having a good SEO firm on your team is an invaluable resource. A reputable SEO firm will research keywords and make the necessary adjustments to your website to get it to rank as highly as they can and expand your company’s […]
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