Learn How to Transfer Web Hosting Without Any Downtime!

Just the thought of changing your host may make you head spin, but we will show you the steps to take so your site will not have any downtime. So relax and get ready to change your host easily.

You must wait to cancel your current host until you have completed all the steps,if you cancel too soon you have a whole list of problems. Even if you are unhappy with you current provider hang in there it will only be a few more days. One web host that will assit you is web hosting leader they have super affordable plans so reach out to them and transfer today.

First you want to set up your new account with your new host. Be sure that you have researched all the features and you are completely happy with them, you don't want to switch hosts a third time if you don't have to. So now you have two accounts, your current host and the new host.

Next you are going to download all of your web site files. You can save them to your computer by going to your current FTP. Even after you download the files do not delete this account. Now that you have all the files on your computer you need to go to your new host and upload all the files to that host, through the FTP.

Another important task is to be sure that all your web site email addresses stay in operation. You need to create the same email addresses in your new host, this will allow all the email to keep coming through to you. There should now be
identical information in both your old host and your new host.

Next you are going to check that all your links on your site are working. Your new host should provide you with a temporary URL, just visit it and click all your links. Correct any problems that you notice. You want to be sure and look over all your files, you don't want anything to be missing.

Now its time to change your domain name servers (DNS) from your old host to the new host. Contact your old DNS and ask them to move your DNS to the new DNS, your new host should have provided you with this information. Now you need to wait at least 48 hours for your domain to move to the new host, once it has moved you can proceed to canceling the old account.

If you follow these steps your process should be easy and have no major problems.

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