Google Penalty Removal Service

Lost rankings? Have an "unnatural links to your site" message?

We specialize in helping companies get their Google penalty lifted.  With a combination of our expertise, and lots of hard work, we can quickly get your penalty lifted.  The type of work we preform will be specific to the penalty. We will first identify if the penalty is from Google Penguin, Google Panda or one of the many algorithm updates.  

All-Inclusive Penalty Removal Service:

  • Identify the links that need to be removed
  • We handle all link removal request (all the hard outreach work)
  • Tracking and proof of link removal request via screenshots and documentation
  • Creation and upload of Google disavow file
  • Review links from multiple sources (aHrefs, OSE, Google Webmaster Tools)
  • We write your Google reconsideration request
  • If reconsideration request is denied we continue working on it until approved


The majority of our work comes from companies that have received unnatural link notifications in their Google Webmaster Tools account.  We perform a link audit and then focus our efforts at removing the links Google may deem as spam.  Along the way we document all the actions we take to help clean up your link profile.  After we have made a considerable effort we then upload the disavow file that tells Google to ignore the remaining specific spam links.  The last step we take is submitting a reconsideration request to Google to get your manual Google penalty lifted.

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Unnatural Links Recovery

We have experience as a link removal service and performing penalty removals.  Below is a traffic screenshot from a company we helped in July 2012.  This company had been penalized for seven months before they came to us.  Within 30 days we had the penalty removed and you can see how their traffic has spiked.

These days it is not uncommon for companies to receive a penalty from Google.  If your website has been around for a few years the techniques to SEO have changed and along the way Google changed the rules.  It can be frustrating and hard work to get a Google penalty lifted so left our experts help get this done quickly for you.  We guarantee to get your penalty lifted, so contact us today for a free consultation.

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