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How We Ranked Our Las Vegas SEO Client #1 in Google

“A friend referred us to McKremie about a year ago and I’ve been impressed with them ever since. Over the years we worked with other Vegas SEO Companies but none really explained the process or showed the work like McKremie does.”
quotes-img Jennifer T. -Marketing Manager


This Las Vegas SEO client is in the competitive travel industry. They provide several booking services in travel and entertainment. When they came to us their website was new and had never had SEO or online marketing done before. This gave us the opportunity for our SEO Experts to meet with the client at their offices in Las Vegas to work with their technical and marketing teams. Initially there were many challenges to overcome before we could even start any search engine optimization. First we needed a better content management system so we could have a place for content and to give our client a voice in their industry. We worked with their technical team and they were able to quickly make changes to make this happen. The next big challenge was the website was slow. The way it was coded and the image heavy website didn’t pass any website speed optimization test. We gave our website speed optimization report to their technical team and with very little back and forth they made the necessary changes. After the technical SEO changes had been made our next challenge was the competitive niche they are in. Many of these websites in their niche have been around for years and are established with lots of great backlinks.


Our SEO consultants did some in-depth research on the type of searches their clients preform. While doing this research we found several voids in the market. Many of their competitors had neglected the search behaviors of the tourist looking for their services. Some of these searches have significant search volume with very low competition. Our team then focused on creating a content marketing strategy. This allowed for our client to rank faster and start getting significant traffic within a few months. The first month we created several in-depth guides that provided evergreen content that ranks extremely well and delivers target traffic to our client’s website. Creating the content is just one of many steps in the process. Our outreach team helped create buzz around these in-depth guides by reaching out to popular blogs within their niche. When the content was published our outreach team was able to gain citations (non-linked mentions) as well as great backlinks to the client’s website. These are real links from real bloggers and they have a huge impact on rankings.

"It is a pleasure to work with the team at McKremie."

quotes-img Jennifer T. -Marketing Manager


Within the first two months the client started seeing traffic from our efforts. On the third month the traffic spiked considerably. Since the start of our marketing efforts that website went from a new website (March 2017) with no traffic to 20,057 monthly (May 2018) website visitors per month. 28 - 1st page rankings for keywords with 1,000+ monthly search volume

“In the past six months we were able to hire more customer service representatives to handle the increase in business.”

quotes-img Jennifer T. -Marketing Manager

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