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Google Penalty & Google Updates

Detailed Website SEO Audit

SEO Audit Service

Has your website dropped in traffic? Or did your website receive a penalty from Google? The fact is Google has rolled out several significant updates to their core ranking algorithm over the past few years. An SEO audit can help you get back on the right track to higher search results and website traffic.

Each audit I perform is detailed and specific to your website. I will provide actionable items through our SEO analysis to get your website back on the right track. I will prioritize the list of actionable steps so you can tackle the biggest issues first. If your company doesn’t have the dedicated staff to help implement the changes I can be hired to make the implementations.

Technical SEO Audit

One of the first things I perform is a review and detailed report on your traffic. I use Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to help determine any search engine ranking issues your website may have occurred. I will also analyze your competitor’s traffic. This will give you an idea of opportunities and help you with setting website goals for organic traffic.

After that, I will conduct an extensive on-page audit of all pages of your website. This is where we usually find issues related to your content, website structure, user experience, URL Structure, duplicate content, internal links, coding errors, Meta descriptions, and any broken links on your website. When I perform the site audit I research any content issues that may be causing you landing pages to underperform.

Backlink Auditing

Once I am done with the on-page portion of the site audit I will then perform a backlink audit. I will hand review the links pointing to your website. Often times I find spammy websites that link to your website. I will make recommendations and even create a disavow file for you to upload to Google. This will simply tell Google to ignore these external links from the spammy domain names.

Detailed Action Plan

The last step is to package all this information in a very detailed report that is easy for you to understand an implement changes. I will also provide a phone consultation of the results and ensure you are comfortable moving in the right direction. Getting your technical SEO is a solid foundation and an often overlooked ranking factor. Arm yourself with the report your company needs to dominate the search results.

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