Introducing Office Gator for Home Service Companies

17 Jul 2020 By Stuart McHenry
I have worked with numerous home service companies over the years. It can be difficult for me to see them struggle with marketing and customer service. There are so many small businesses that pay for services that are just a complete waste of money. This is why I decided to become the co-founder of a […]
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Blogging acts as a backbone of your business – Is it true?

25 Sep 2019 By Ashley Rosa
Blogging first started as an online personal web log, in which a person would record details about their day. Many entrepreneurs saw a marketing potential in having a web log, so web logging took off and began to be used for the purpose of marketing. From there, the word changed from ‘web log’ to ‘blog.’ […]
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Learn – How your Business can stay relevant in the Social Media World?

21 Sep 2019 By Jasmeet Singh
What makes Facebook as the first go-to platform for a student learning digital marketing. The answer to the above questions is important because most of us (Entrepreneurs, students, and digital marketers) start social media marketing with Facebook marketing.  Facebook is popular because of its reach, and the number of active users (the platform) has on social […]
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Improve Your Web Design Using these 5 Effective Tips

20 Sep 2019 By Stuart McHenry
Nowadays, it is necessary for all the users or business to make their website useful and classic enough so that it can attract more and more traffic towards it.  Now, the question that occurs is how you make a website more effective and useful? Well, here you find a simple and easy answer to the […]
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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Your Ranking

19 Jun 2019 By Kimberly Clark
For an e-commerce business, merely creating a website and putting up content will not increase the rankings in search engines. Measuring your digital marketing efforts to track records of all key performances indicators (KPIs) is essential. If your site is not gaining the desired amount of leads and conversions or email sign-ups, probably the KPIs […]
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10 Powerful Tips for Copywriting for Google

29 May 2019 By Emma Robertson
Growing your online presence can profoundly influence your business. It will help you to improve brand awareness, skyrocket website traffic, and ultimately, increase sales rates. The secret to building strong online presence lies in this phenomenon we call SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting has come into the spotlight because business owners and marketers finally recognized its […]
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How to Create Content to Support Local SEO Rankings in 7 Easy Ways

28 May 2019 By Bridgette Hernandez
Once you get your local business online, you want people to actually find it, and seeing traffic from Google is essential here. Ranking better on search engines should be one of your objectives as soon as you have your site up and running, but how can you manage meeting that particular goal? Regardless of what […]
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Detailed Guide to 301 Redirects for SEO

18 May 2019 By Danielle Canstello
An essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill is knowing how to execute a 301 redirect.   The simplest definition of a 301 is that it redirects the user from one webpage to another. The more complex part is figuring out how they relate to SEO, and determining how to do one.   We’ll look at […]
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