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We Removed 3,467 Unnatural Links

“We really didn't know where to begin to perform a link audit. We needed to use McKremie whom had successfully handled reconsideration requests the first time around. We wanted to focus our time and energy on what we were good at.”
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Jason from hired McKremie as a white label service to help remove a Google manual penalty for their client When we were presented with the challenge of removing the manual penalty for we knew it was going to be tough. used several different link building companies to build links over several years. A high percentage of these links were low quality unnatural links that Google would flag in a manual review of their website. Google can be very strict when it comes to manual penalties. Not only do they want a detailed recorded of the process they want to see a good percentage of the unnatural links removed.


The first step was to pull multiple link reports to ensure we had all the links that pointed to their website. After this we sorted all the links into two categories. Nofollow links vs dofollow links. A “nofollow” link is coded so that Google and the other search engines don’t count the link towards rankings. Once we had our list of dofollow links, one of our SEO’s manually reviewed each and every link by hand. This allowed us to determine if the link was natural or not. All unnatural links where then put into a spreadsheet. Once we had our list of unnatural links we spend weeks getting them removed. This process is time consuming and involves numerous rounds of emails, phone calls, and social media outreach. Once we felt we had a significant number of links removed, we created and uploaded a Google disavow file. This file tells Google that we weren’t able to get these specific links removed but they shouldn’t count towards search engine rankings.

”The communication from McKremie was excellent. We were communicated with every step of the way. From start to finish we were in complete communication. At the conclusion, we were provided with the links that were successfully removed and submitted for the reconsideration request. ”

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We started work on this Google manual penalty in late February. Over the next 45 days we were able to remove 3,467 unnatural links out of a total 4,915 or 71% of unnatural links we found. On April 11th we submitted a reconsideration request to Google on behalf of the client. In our report to Google we included detailed information on all the work we have performed. This included a list of unnatural links, screenshots of all detailed communication to get links removed, and a report that outlined all the steps we took on behalf of the client. On April 24th the client received and email from Google that the manual penalty had been revoked.

”The client was impressed as we told him it could take several months. The fact that we were able to finish quickly made everyone happy. All the client cared about was his rankings, traffic and new leads.”

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