Top Internet Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter & Google+

by Anna McHenry June 18, 2012

Hello, I’m Anna I’ve been with Mckremie for a little while now. One of my expanded roles is to head up our company twitter account here: @McKremie. When I first started I had questions like:

-Who are the best people in Internet Marketing both Social Media & SEO to follow?
-Where do I find a good list for both Twitter and Google+?

I have to say there are some out there but not quite what I was looking for. With the help of Stuart I put together a good collection and what I think is a great starting point for finding people to follow. Now don’t get butt-hurt if your name is not on the list. It’s not a definitive list and it’s not in any specific order. I did put together what I felt was a mix of online marketers. If you feel I missed some important names in the industry leave a comment and let me know.

Patrick Altoft
Twitter: @patrickaltoft
Google+: Patrick Altoft
Twitter Bio: Director of Search at Branded3 a leading SEO & digital agency in the UK.

Debra Mastaler
Twitter: @debramastaler
Google+: Debra Mastaler
Twitter Bio: Link building, online marketing, content promotion, publicity. Loves her garden, southern rock, NCIS, Doc Martin, the mountains, Virginia and being a Mom.

Matt Sawyer
Twitter: @mattuk
Google+: Matt Sawyer
Twitter Bio:London and Surrey based social media junkie. Part time blogger full time timewaster. Head of SEO and Digital Marketing at Datadial.

Kris Roadruck
Twitter: @KrisRoadruck
Google+: Kris Roadruck
Passionate SEO with an affinity for sushi and energy drinks. Enthusiastic Algo-Poking Scalable Link Building Strategist.

Matt McGee
Twitter: @mattmcgee
Google+: Matt McGee
Twitter Bio: Executive News Editor at &, speaker, marketing consultant, founder of, author of ‘U2: A Diary’, husband, dad.

Harris Schachter
Twitter: @OptimizePrime
Google+: Harris Schachter
Twitter Bio: Transform into findability. Or, you know, a truck. I do #SEO, #CRO, #analytics, and eat raw data for breakfast.

Stuart McHenry
Twitter: @smindsrt
Google+: Stuart McHenry
Twitter Bio: I do internet marketing via social media and search engine optimization for @mckremie that provides huge return on investments for peeps. Oh… I BBQ too!

Barry Schwartz
Twitter: @rustybrick
Google+: Barry Schwartz
Twitter Bio: Search Geek

Ruth Burr
Twitter: @ruthburr
Google+: Ruth Burr
Twitter Bio: SEO, data-driven marketer and grilled cheese sandwich enthusiast living in and loving Seattle.

Ben Cook
Twitter: @Skitzzo
Google+: Ben Cook
Twitter Bio: Rants… now with a smile.

Greg Boser
Twitter: @GregBoser
Google+: Greg Boser
Twitter Bio: President of BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.

Jason Acidre
Twitter: @jasonacidre
Google+: Jason Acidre
Twitter Bio: CEO at Xight Interactive. Author of Kaiserthesage – an SEO blog. Loves bacon, One Piece, crime movies, History and Glassjaw.

Michael Dorausch
Twitter: @chiropractic
Google+: Michael Dorausch
Twitter Bio: Yes, I’m a real Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). Also Planet Chiropractic guy, SEO Speaker, Distance Runner, Author and Photographer.

Alan Bleiweiss
Twitter: @AlanBleiweiss
Google+: Alan Bleiweiss
Twitter Bio: Forensic SEO Consultant, Blogger, Author, Speaker, and snarky rant specialist.

Arnie Kuenn
Twitter: @ArnieK
Google+: Arnie Kuenn
Twitter Bio: CEO of Vertical Measures a search, social & content marketing services company. Frequent speaker. Author of Accelerate! Hiking, travel, football, basketball.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers
Twitter: @dr_pete
Google+: Dr. Peter J. Meyers
Twitter Bio: I’m the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. I may not look like much, but I’ve got it where it counts, kid.

Elisabeth Osmeloski
Twitter: @elisabethos
Google+: Elisabeth Osmeloski
Twitter Bio: Exec Editor / President of – Utah’s Professional Search Marketing Association / Marketing Geek & Travel Writer.

Gerald Weber
Twitter: @the_gman
Google+: Gerald Weber
Twitter Bio: Professional SEO -Social Media Enthusiast -Link Builder – Entrepreneur – Blogger – Skydiver – Always a student!

Ian Lurie
Twitter: @portentint
Google+: Ian Lurie
Founder & CEO of Portent, Inc. Speaker. Internet Marketer.

Bill Sebald
Twitter: @billsebald
Goolge+: Bill Sebald
Twitter Bio: SEO for 13 years, from big brand ecomm to small brand B2B.

Jenny Stradling
Twitter: @dayofjen
Google+: Jenny Stradling
Twitter Bio: CEO: @EminentSEO. SEM Strategist, social media girl, blogger, music lover, soul searcher. Collects: books, pictures, quotes, music, art, dreams.

Joel Klettke
Twitter: @cstechjoel
Google+: Joel Klettke
Twitter Bio: SEO by day. Copywriter by night. Handsome during both. Occasionally modest. Will write for couch money.

Matt Siltala
Twitter: @Matt_Siltala
Google+: Matt Siltala
Twitter Bio: Founder of Dream Systems Media | @Dreamsystems specializes in Social Media, Viral Marketing, Branding & SEO | Regular Search Industry Speaker.

Joe Hall
Twitter: @joehall
Google+: Joe Hall
Twitter Bio: I am a web head, code poet, geek, marketer, writer, and artist. I run @22Media.

Dennis Goedegebuure
Twitter: @TheNextCorner
Google+: Dennis Goedegebuure
Twitter Bio: VP Internet Marketing Geeknet Inc. Working on a Startup concept! Addicted to Innovation, Blogging, Chocolate, Travel and The Interwebs.

Darren Shaw
Twitter: @EdmontonSEO
Google+: Darren Shaw
Twitter Bio: Founder of @whitespark. Interested in all things SEO.

Jennifer Sable Lopez
Twitter: @jennita
Google+: Jennifer Sable Lopez
Twitter Bio: Mom, SEO, geek, lover of nutella, buddhist wannabe. Community Manager at SEOmoz.

Michelle Robbins
Twitter: @MichelleRobbins
Google+: Michelle Robbins
Twitter Bio: Caffeine based life form. Vice President of Technology for Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Marketing Expo & Search Marketing Now @ Third Door Media.

Rhea Drysdale
Twitter: @Rhea
Google+: Rhea Drysdale
Twitter Bio: CEO of Outspoken Media. SEO, link dev and ORM specialties. Ginger kid. Based in Troy, NY. Florida native.

David Wallace
Twitter: @DavidWallace
Google+: David Wallace
Founder & CEO of SearchRank – a full service search & social media marketing firm providing Internet marketing services since 1997.

Julie Joyce
Twitter: @JulieJoyce
Google+: Julie Joyce
Twitter Bio: Owner of the link building company Link Fish Media, Inc. and co-founder of SEO Chicks.

Sean Si
Twitter: @h3sean
Google+: Sean Si
Twitter Bio: SEO. Internet Marketing. Ice Cream.

Joanna Butler
Twitter: @JoannaButler
Google+: Joanna Butler
Twitter Bio: Usually found optimising: SEO, analytics, code. Or on a horse / exploring in the countryside.

Sarah Carling
Twitter: @SarahCarling
Goolge+: Sarah Carling
Twitter Bio: Co-founder of ObsidianEdge, remembered everywhere as the ‘crazy ginger chick’ internet marketer, blogger, and ranter.

Eppie Vojt
Twitter: @eppievojt
Google+: Eppie Vojt
Twitter Bio: SEO, online marketer, web developer, brand enthusiast. Known to rock a mic when the mood is just right. Long-suffering Pitt fan.

Maile Ohye
Twitter: @maileohye
Goolge+: Maile Ohye
Twitter Bio: Having fun in the city, working at Google, optimizing for genuine moments.

Kelsey Libert
Twitter: @KelseyLibert
Google+: Kelsey Libert
Twitter Bio: Blogger Outreach Specialist @BlueGlass. COO at and a diverse online media enterprise. Entrepreneur seeking to broaden my knowledge, and yours.

Akvile Harlow
Twitter: @AkvileHarlow
Google+: Akvile Harlow
Twitter Bio: Internet Marketing & Ad Operations Manager @SMX @sengineland @MarketingLand|Wife|Music Aficionado|Sauce Fiend|Painter|Snowboarder|Wanderluster|

Jon Cooper
Twitter: @PointBlankSEO
Google+: Jon Cooper
Twitter Bio: I’m the link builder Google needs, not the one it deserves.

Rob Woods
Twitter: @robdwoods
Google+: Rob Woods
Twitter Bio: Marketing Manager / SEO for Reinvent and SEO Consultant. Camping, fly fishing, BBQ, beer, wine, food, old cars and my kids. While you’re ranting I’m ranking.

Greg Finn
Twitter: @gregfinn
Google+: Greg Finn
Twitter Bio: Remind people that profit is the difference between revenue and expense. This makes you look smart. -Scott Adams.

Sadie Sherran
Twitter: @seobelle
Google+: Sadie Sherran
According to 4 out of 7 doctors I most certainly am not Crazy! My views are my own no one else would take them.

Wil Reynolds
Twitter: @wilreynolds
Goolge+: Wil Reynolds
Twitter Bio: Founder @SEERInteractive LOVE helping clients grow their biz LOVE building links LOVE helping others in the community LOVE my team LOVE my wife & dog

Bill Slawski
Twitter: @bill_slawski
Google+: Bill Slawski
Twitter Bio: Passionate about search, patents, the environment, music, and life.

Andy Beal
Twitter: @AndyBeal
Google+: Andy Beal
Twitter Bio: CEO of Trackur, author of Radically Transparent & founder of Marketing Pilgrim. Award-winning photographer, black belt in Taekwondo, ukulele player, Christian.

Todd Friesen
Twitter: @oilman
Google+: Todd Friesen
Twitter Bio: Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

Mike King
Twitter: @iPullRank
Google+: Mike King
Twitter Bio: Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire (Former SEO at Razorfish and Publicis Modem) Making Your Website Money Since 2006

Mike Blumenthal
Twitter: @mblumenthal
Google+: Mike Blumenthal
Google Maps and Local Search…is there anything else?

Rand Fishkin
Twitter @randfish
Google+: Rand Fishkin
Twitter Bio: CEO + founder of SEOmoz. I tweet 50-75X/week primarily on inbound marketing, SEO, startups & entrepreneurship.

Ash Buckles
Twitter: @ashbuckles
Google: Ash Buckles
Twitter Bio: President of Likes: Android, Art, Blogging, Mobile, SEO, Travel, Web Design and Development Co-host #seochat on Twitter Thursday 7 pm Mountain.

Steve Wiideman
Twitter: @seosteve
Google+: Steve Wiideman
Twitter Bio: SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert savvy with Universal Search and internet marketing.

Kevin Mullett
Twitter: @kmullett
Google+: Kevin Mullett
Twitter Bio: geek, designer, web dev, UX/UI, marketing, seo/sem, public speaker, smo, social media bla bla, lan party nut, photographer, observer of all things web.

Joanna Lord
Twitter: @JoannaLord
Google+: Joanna Lord
Twitter Bio: Director of Acquisition & Retention Marketing at SEOmoz, social media lover and blog enthusiast. Sleeps rarely. Caffeinates often.

Brent Csutoras
Twitter: @brentcsutoras
Google+: Brent Csutoras
Twitter Bio: Social Media Consultant.

Virginia Nussey
Twitter: @VirginiaNussey
Google+: Virginia Nussey
Twitter Bio: Pro writer, novice yogini, budding lion turtle. Peanut butter + chocolate is my kryptonite.

David Mihm
Twitter: @davidmihm
Goolge: David Mihm
Local search optimization specialist & president of

Frank Watson
Twitter: @AussieWebmaster
Google+: Frank Watson
Twitter Bio: CEO Kangamurra Media, SEW Forum editor, columnist, all things web follower.

Melissa Fach
Twitter: @SEOAware
Google+: Melissa Fach
Twitter Bio: Melissa Fach, Managing Editor at SEJ, owner of – SEO, Consultant, Website Dev – Wife to @Paulfach, Mom, Big Cat Volunteer, Non-Cook, Star Wars fan.

Lane R. Ellis
Twitter: @lanerellis
Google+: Lane R. Ellis
Twitter Bio: I am a technology writer, lead editor for PubCon/WebmasterWorld, a genealogist, runner, vegetarian, and folk music fan. I’ve been online 28 years, since 1984.

Shelli Walsh
Twitter: @shellshockuk
Google+: Shelli Walsh
Twitter Bio: Creative content for link building. A little bit geek. A lot design snob.

Nicki Hicks
Twitter: @nickihicks
Google+: Nicki Hicks
Twitter Bio: Web marketing geek, puppy momma, cheerleading coach, pescetarian, wine lover, pseudo artist, wannabe nutritionist, yogini, runner, eternal optimist.

Dan Thies
Twitter: @danthies
Google+: Dan Thies
Twitter Bio: White Hat Black Belt.

Colby Almond
Twitter: @colbyalmond
Google+: Colby Almond
Twitter Bio: SEO, Viral, & Infographic Marketing Expert for 97th Floor. Author of Pinteresting Secrets.

Ross Hudgens
Twitter: @RossHudgens
Google+: Ross Hudgens
Twitter Bio: SEO Manager @ Full Beaker, Inc – Lead Generation & Management. Scalable Link Building Strategist.

Danny Sullivan
Twitter: @dannysullivan
Google+: Danny Sullivan
Twitter Bio: Editor of, covering Google, SEO, PPC and all aspects of search engines and search marketing.

David Leonhardt
Twitter: @amabaie
Google+: David Leonhardt
Twitter Bio: Thinking outside the box for success online – SEO, viral, writing…and a little bit of happiness for good measure.

Justin Briggs
Twitter: @justinrbriggs
Google+: Justin Briggs
Twitter Bio: SEO & Social Media at Big Fish Games. – SEO. Movie buff. Geek. Zombie lover.

Donna Fontenot
Twitter: @DonnaFontenot
Google+: Donna Fontenot
Twitter Bio: eBusiness Coach, Inbound Marketing Geek & Novelist whose motto is: You’ll never shine if you don’t glow. Peace, y’all.

Eric Enge
Twitter: @stonetemple
Google+: Eric Enge
Twitter Bio: Holistic Internet Marketing Optimization Practitioner.

Ann Smarty
Twitter: @seosmarty
Google+: Ann Smarty
Twitter Bio: (Guest) Blogging addict and excited owner of

Jim Boykin
Twitter: @jimboykin
Google+: Jim Boykin
Twitter Bio: CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Brett Tabke
Twitter: @btabke
Google+: Brett Tabke
Twitter Bio: Founder @PubCon and @WebmasterWorld Inc. – passions: Community building, Conferences, Affiliate, Speaker, Author, Coder, ML programmer.

Michael Gray
Twitter: @graywolf
Google+: Michael Gray
Twitter Bio: Sometimes I feel like a bot, sometimes I don’t .

Marty Weintraub
Twitter: @aimclear
Google+: Marty Weintraub
Twitter Bio: Author, Speaker, World Traveler, Loves Sonoma, Napa, Oregon, NoCal, Nantucket, BWCA & My Awesome Family.

Hugo Guzman
Twitter: @hugoguzman
Google+: Hugo Guzman
Twitter Bio: Like my tweets? You’ll like my blog even better.

Jenny Lynn
Twitter: @JennyLynnSEM
Google+: Jenny Lynn
Twitter Bio: SEM Specialist for a Global, Natural Health Corporation. With interests in Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management & SEO.

Chris Bennett
Twitter: @chrisbennett
Google+: Chris Bennett
Twitter Bio: CEO/Founder of 97th Floor a SEO/Social Media Firm. Link Building & Viral Marketing is what we do. Family man that loves to surf, snowboard and travel.

Matt Cutts
Twitter: @mattcutts
Google+: Matt Cutts
Twitter Bio: I’m the head of the webspam team at Google.

Jill Whalen
Twitter: @jillwhalen
Google+: Jill Whalen
Twitter Bio: CEO, High Rankings – a pioneer in SEO Consulting.

Chris Winfield
Twitter: @chriswinfield
Google+: Chris Winfield
Twitter Bio: I’m the Co-Founder & CMO of @BlueGlass, an amazing Internet marketing company. I talk a lot about PR, my daughter, business, social media & Charlie.

Chris Countey
Twitter: @chriscountey
Google+: Chris Countey
Twitter Bio: Director of SEO for @Webimax. Obsessed with page speed, architecture, data and learning.

Brian Clark
Twitter: @copyblogger
Google+: Brian Clark
Twitter Bio: Content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting advice from the editorial team at Copyblogger Media.

Dan Shure
Twitter: @dan_shure
Google+: Dan Shure
Twitter Bio: There’s THREE things I love. Music, my wife and SEO. That’s the order I discovered them.

Todd Malicoat
Twitter: @stuntdubl
Google+: Todd Malicoat
Twitter Bio: Student, Teacher, SEO Consultant, Domainer, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Fisherman.

Aaron Wall
Twitter: @seobook
Google+: Aaron Wall
Twitter Bio: We cover the SEO and search marketing space as well as general changes to the web.

James Agate
Twitter: @jamesagate
Google+: James Agate
Twitter Bio: Skyrocket SEO founder. We provide content-led link building services to agencies and businesses.

Peter Attia
Twitter: @PeterAttia
Google+: Peter Attia
Twitter Bio: I like Banjos and SEO.

Neil Patel
Twitter: @neilpatel
Google+: Neil Patel
Twitter Bio: I’m Kind of a Big Deal.

Eric Ward
Twitter: @ericward
Google+: Eric Ward
Twitter Bio: Eric Ward Offers Content Linking Strategies and is the publisher of LinkMoses

Dave Naylor
Twitter: @DaveNaylor
Google+: Dave Naylor
Head of Search Marketing – – Speak at lots of conferences on SEO. Bronco is a leading SEO, Web Dev & Design Agency.

CK Chung
Twitter: @cKdisco
Google+: CK Chung
Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur & SEO Consultant @WEBOSIS. SoCal xplant via Chicago. Serial hobbyist: sports, music, photography, learning. Primalist: paleo, IF, barefoot running.

Stephan Spencer
Twitter: @sspencer
Google+: Stephan Spencer
Twitter Bio: World Renowned SEO Author, Speaker & Strategist ~ Co-Author of The Art of SEO, a 600 Page Primer on Search Engine Optimization published by O’Reilly.

Kim Krause Berg
Twitter: @kim_cre8pc
Google+: Kim Krause Berg
Twitter Bio: Usability/UX/SEO/IA Consultant; Founder of Cre8asiteforums; Usability/IA tutor Search Engine College; columnist,speaker, mom.

Ralph Tegtmeier
Twitter: @fantomaster
Google+: Ralph Tegtmeier
Twitter Bio: Dominating search engines since 1996. SEO consulting, services & software development. Link building. Automatic content generation.

Lauren Litwinka
Twitter: @beebowLauren
Google+: Lauren Litwinka
Twitter Bio: Publications Manager & Online Account Manager @ aimClear. Likes: good music, good movies, good wine, gummy worms.

Lisa Myers
Twitter: @LisaDMyers
Google+: Lisa Myers
Twitter Bio: CEO at SEO & Social Media Agency; Verve Search. Founder of the blog & co-founder of

John Andrews
Twitter: @johnandrews
Google+: John Andrews
Twitter Bio: Seattle SEO, since the beginning.

Alex Bennert
Twitter: @seosylph
Google+: Alex Bennert
Twitter Bio: I live in Maine and work in Manhattan. I do SEO and love my job! Married to a man called Huckleberry (seriously). We travel to warm places with our kiddo.

Dharmesh Shah
Twitter: @dharmesh
Google+: Dharmesh Shah
Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot inbound marketing and startup blogger at

Monica Wright
Twitter: @monicawright
Google+: Monica Wright
Twitter Bio: Community Editor @sengineland & @marketingland, painting, music & KARA-TAY!

AJ Kohn
Twitter: @ajkohn
Google+: AJ Kohn
Twitter Bio: Owner, Blind Five Year Old, Marketing Land Curator, SEOmoz Search Ranking Panelist. Interested in SEO, PPC, Technology, Social Media, UX and Design.

Anna McHenry
Anna McHenry is the Director of Client Services here at McKremie. She tweets from @McKremie so stop by and say "hi" on Twitter.

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