Stuart C. McHenry - SEO Expert

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Google Penalty Recovery Specialist

Have you suddenly lost your rankings and traffic from Google? Did you receive an “Unnatural Inbound Links message?

ie. “Google has detected a pattern of artificial or unnatural links pointing to your site.”

Google sends over 400,000 messages like these on a monthly basis.  This penalty is catastrophic to any website’s rankings and fast recovery is needed.  Recovering from this Google penalty can be less painful when you hire and expert with proven experience to get the penalty lifted quickly.  Stuart and his team provide Google penalty recovery services and will use their expertise to quickly identify the specific problem.

How is Stuart and his team different?

Many of the penalty recovery companies are only concerned with removing the penalty. Often times they will remove and disavow every backlink you have.  This is wrong and lazy.  It probably took years to earn your backlinks and in most cases not all of them are bad.  Stuart and his team will keep as many of the natural links as possible.

Penalty Removal Service Includes:

  • Link Analysis
  • Link Removals (outreach and documentation)
  • Disavow File (creation and uploading)
  • Reconsideration Request
  • Guaranteed Recovery (inquiry about this guarantee)

Receiving an unnatural link penalty will affect how Google ranks your site, and sites need a decent rank to be profitable.  Our service is very detailed and documents all the outreach and compiles the information in the reconsideration report for Google.  It’s important that all the hard work is done correctly to get your manual penalty removed as fast as possible.

Outside of a manual penalty websites can also be affected by the Google Penguin and Google Panda algorithms.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin helps fight spam by detecting spam links in your backlink portfolio.  If you have too many of these spammy links your website may be filtered out of the search results by Penguin.  It’s important you hire and expert to be able to identify these links and remove them as soon as possible.

Google Panda

Google Panda targets low quality content on the Internet.  If your website has too much low quality content it is likely that this algorithm will affect your website.  Of all the penalties Panda can be one of the easier ones to recover from.  Google runs this algorithm on a monthly basis and if you fix the problem you can recover within 30-45 days.  In the case of Google Panda we can identify the low quality content and help create high quality content to replace the bad.

No matter what penalty or traffic drop you may have Stuart McHenry is a technical SEO expert that can diagnose the problem and create a plan of recovery.  He and his company have been helping people with penalty issues since May 2012 and has a high success rate in revoking the manual penalties.   Contact Stuart today via email at: