How to Boost User Engagement Using Push Notifications Tools

by Marry Ann May 7, 2019

One of the most challenging tasks of marketers is to change their preferences according to customer behavior dynamically. If you are not adapting with new marketing strategies, then you are somehow lagging in the market.

Many marketing channels like email marketing, SMS, newsletter, etc. are going to obsolete gradually with the enormous advent of push notifications. Mobile phone usage is on the rise. With the majority of people bonded with their smartphones, the push notifications are the best ways to reach a maximum number of audience. Push notifications are remarkable these days and considered as the backbone of the new marketing strategy.

Push notifications tools help you to engage with your audience at many touchpoints. Not only these are an effective way to reach your audience, but they play a vital role to retain them for a longer time. They also help in sending real-time user updates to engage the users continuously.
The New York Times achieved great success with push notifications, and a dedicated team is handling the development and scheduling of push alerts to subscribed app users.

The marketers are more excited in recent years on boosting user engagement by using the power of push notifications as termed as the most popular marketing tool nowadays because it allows you to reach out to users at any time. It has less potential to fail as compared to other channels.
The following tips will help you to make sure you’re pushing the right way.

Develop an efficient opt-in message:


The primary step to get the audience is to get them opt-in to your website with a relevant message. This way you can encourage the users by welcoming and personalizing the message. This feels better and increases your chances of getting quality users to opt in.

Send relevant push notifications:


Sending the users relevant messages with proper content will help much more addressing the users to your website. Instead of sending a generic notification, craft a tailored message according to their behavior. Use AI-powered behavioral analysis which helps in deep insights connecting with the users. A short form of content choosing the correct word power is much crucial for building better customer involvement and engagement.

Build credibility among the customers by giving them transaction confirmations, updates, instant actions like cancellation of flight, etc. This helps in building relationships with customers.

Send timely update push notifications:


You may have seen how social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sends a notification whenever someone messages you. This keeps you more engaged with social websites. It sends a reminder that something has happened in the app and you need to visit to find out about it.

You can send and promote the updates about flash sales to create urgency among the users for purchasing a product. You need to send the notifications with an appropriate period to generate excitement among them to have a look at it. This helps in engaging more audience engagement and drive high power to your website.

Use rich content:


Push notifications are like sending messages in the form of videos, images, GIFs, and emojis. But the impact will be low if you send only rich content in some cases. There might be chances of disengagement in this case. Moreover, sometimes a plain text message can be more impactful rather than images and videos. The motive is to send a clear and useful message that will reach the audience.

Make the message personalized:


The generalized marketing messages are gradually becoming ineffective these days. It’s likely that the more you push for a sale, the farther the customers move away. Thus they will move to turn off your notifications. So, if you want to higher the conversion rate, focus on personalized messages to target your audience.
You need to tailor your messages that are relevant to a customer’s behavior perspective. Thus the personalization became an essential factor in meeting the marketing goals.

When you send a personalized message, the user will feel special that the message is created for the individual. You can make the segmentation by different factors like browsing history, location, and input from customers and many more.

Send deals:


You can promote flash sales which help to create utter excitement and urgency among the customers. You can send them notifications telling about the time limit which create an immediate effect on users mind to do the transaction. This will help to power your website by increasing user engagement to the website. You can send the users messages with upcoming deals, discount rates, and cashback offers.

Know the market segmentation:


Sending deals with segmenting market along with customer’s viewing history is crucial. For example, Netflix is doing fabulous work to win the attention of the customer. If a user is watching a single episode on one series, then it will send updates the notifications to the particular audience with highly relevant push messages for further episodes. This also uses relevant events that the user may be interested in. This results in higher engagement and then conversion.

Customer retargeting:


Retargeting the customer base is a big deal, and there is no surprise that the customers come to your site, poke around a bit and then leave. Retargeting helps to get the customers back to your website hoping that they will come back eventually.
Sometimes people think that they can get a better deal on another website. They will look around other sites to see for a better price. If the price is the sticking point for your customers, then offer a discount to bring back your customer in your funnel. You can retarget the user by adding an exclusive offer or deal by motivating them.



Push notifications became a powerful medium to think differently with new ideas to interact with your audience. Now, you know how to make your website or app more engaging. But remember that creating a quality website or app is the basic requirement. Take more time in doing research and find a website that will be worthy for you, so that you can apply your marketing tricks and skills to improvise more for better customer engagement. You need a comprehensive strategy for your presence in the market to reach a maximum number of users.

Marry Ann
Marry Ann is a branding consultant for PushMaze, a service that lets you send trackable push notifications for users. She mainly passionate about building brands in all the aspect of online marketing.