Content Marketing

10 Powerful Tips for Copywriting for Google

29 May 2019 By Emma Robertson
Growing your online presence can profoundly influence your business. It will help you to improve brand awareness, skyrocket website traffic, and ultimately, increase sales rates. The secret to building strong online presence lies in this phenomenon we call SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting has come into the spotlight because business owners and marketers finally recognized its […]
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9 Tricks to Boost Up Your Content Marketing with Killer Headlines

10 May 2019 By Derek Luise
To nobody’s surprise, there are numerous ways of crafting headlines. You can try any one of them. But before that, you have a task left to do. What’s that? It is, thinking about why are you trying to craft a good headline. To boost up your content marketing and eventually your sales, isn’t it? That […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Effective Skyscraper Content Strategy

4 Apr 2019 By Aljaz Fajmut
Want to win the content war with linkable content that gets shared by influencers and appeases Google? It’s time to go along with skyscraper content.   Back in 2015, Google launched an algorithm called RankBrain. In case RankBrain slipped under your radar, it’s an Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithm that uses AI to sort its search results. […]
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Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate Any Niche

30 Jan 2019 By Derek Luise
Content marketing is a multi-layered strategy that requires a lot of skill and planning. Until a few years ago, it was enough to create 500-word articles with relevant keywords to get a decent amount of traffic. Unfortunately, that no longer works and can even land your website in trouble. Google is very serious about content […]
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The Complete Visual Content Marketing Checklist

19 Dec 2018 By Al Gomez
Important Visual Elements You’ll Need   Content is king in the digital marketing world. Whether it’s marketing riddled with words or a masterfully designed infographic, content reigns supreme. It does so even more with the latter. Visual content marketing has become so mainstream, it’s more difficult to ignore its value.   It’s no brainer why […]
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How to Create a Content Marketing Calendar

29 May 2013 By Anna McHenry
Any business that wants to capitalize on the potential returns from content marketing should have a content marketing calendar. This is an overarching calendar, or schedule, of all forms of content marketing performed within an organization. Ideally, this schedule should be broken down into each component of content marketing that is used and then also […]
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How to Write Edgy SEO Titles that Go Viral

14 May 2013 By Anna McHenry
Every content provider wants their content to be shared among as many paths as possible. This is the foundation for why content marketers are in the business they are in: to create buzz about what they provide. Achieving this buzz can be difficult and is based on more than simply the general public’s whims at […]
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How to Use Twitter to Help with Content Marketing

11 Sep 2012 By Anna McHenry
Content marketing is everywhere. This is a great technique or rather a marketing technique in simple words, for the purpose of creating content to attract the target audience with a simple motive of achieving profit by converting them into customers. Here you need to convey the right information to your customers to market your product. […]
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