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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Your Ranking

19 Jun 2019 By Kimberly Clark
For an e-commerce business, merely creating a website and putting up content will not increase the rankings in search engines. Measuring your digital marketing efforts to track records of all key performances indicators (KPIs) is essential. If your site is not gaining the desired amount of leads and conversions or email sign-ups, probably the KPIs […]
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How to Boost User Engagement Using Push Notifications Tools

7 May 2019 By Marry Ann
One of the most challenging tasks of marketers is to change their preferences according to customer behavior dynamically. If you are not adapting with new marketing strategies, then you are somehow lagging in the market.   Many marketing channels like email marketing, SMS, newsletter, etc. are going to obsolete gradually with the enormous advent of […]
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Understanding the UTM Parameters Best Practices for Website Success

2 May 2019 By Evans Walsh
Measuring the return on investment of digital marketing campaigns is the biggest challenge for many SEOs and social media marketers. However, the good news now is that there is no need to be in the dark when it comes to availing the key indicators of marketing ROI as leads, website traffic, and conversion with the […]
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How To Build Topic Clusters To Boost Your SEO

22 Mar 2019 By Aljaz Fajmut
If you’ve tried a few things to boost your SEO, but they haven’t quite worked, it’s time to wheel out your new secret weapon: Topic clusters.   Topic clusters combine content marketing with internal linking to fabulous effect. In short, they help to position you as an expert on a particular topic and thus put […]
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7 Important Tips for Lawyer SEO

8 Jan 2019 By Stuart McHenry
Tips to Grow Your Law Firm Traffic The number of attorneys out there is growing. Standing out against your competition can be hard, especially if you’re located in a densely populated or highly competitive area. You might find that there are several other lawyers in your particular specialty in the same area that you service. […]
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Don’t Lose Your Mind with Yelp Reviews!

12 Nov 2018 By Jason Brown
How to Emotional Navigate the Yelp Review System “I hate Yelp.” I heard this time and time from business owners. If this is you, then you are not alone. Instead of allowing Yelp to frustrate you or destroy your business, you need to learn to take back your business. Business owners have the same complaints, […]
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How to Recover Your Website After It Has Been Hacked

31 May 2016 By Stuart McHenry
If you’ve been recently hacked, then it’s crucial that you don’t panic. It is not the end of the world, but you will have to put some time into removing the implications of the attack and take measures to prevent your website from ever getting hacked again. We’ve put together a guide to not only […]
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6 Tips for Creating a Successful Pay Per Click Campaign

26 Apr 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to get traffic onto your website affordably and quickly. However, many people make major mistakes that leave their PPC campaign in ruins. PPC works through such programs as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords in which you specify how much you’re willing to pay in exchange for a visitor […]
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