We NEGU Do You?

22 Jan 2013 By Stuart McHenry
Last Thursday morning my team, two of our daughters, and I (minus a sick Shannele) spent the morning volunteering at the Jessie Rees Foundation creating “Joy Jars” for pediatric cancer patients. Fact: Everyday, 46 school children will be diagnosed with cancer. What’s a Joy Jar? Maybe some of you have heard the saying NEGU. It’s […]
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7 FireFox Add-ons That We Use

27 May 2009 By Ryan Smith
I know everyone in their mother has a list of good FireFox add-ons but I would like to share the top 7 FireFox Add-ons that we use here at  We deal with DNS issues, multiple websites, and other issues and these add-ons really save us tons of time.  We all have our favorites and […]
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50 Reasons Your Child Should Have A Blog

8 Apr 2009 By Stuart McHenry
In the modern digital age there is no more valuable method of self-expression than the Blog. The Internet has become the source of informational revolution, a place where ideas and dreams collide, forming a unique opportunity to expose the truth of who we as humans are to each other. A completely new and unique idea, […]
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