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Learn – How your Business can stay relevant in the Social Media World?

21 Sep 2019 By Jasmeet Singh
What makes Facebook as the first go-to platform for a student learning digital marketing. The answer to the above questions is important because most of us (Entrepreneurs, students, and digital marketers) start social media marketing with Facebook marketing.  Facebook is popular because of its reach, and the number of active users (the platform) has on social […]
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5 Amazing Tips for Startups to Grow Their Social Media Audience

18 Apr 2019 By Marquis Matson
  From the first time Six Degrees was created in 1997 to the time when blogging sites became popular in 1999, social media created a sensation that is still popular in today’s world. It is this sensation that brought the world Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, among others. Today, social media is one of the […]
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How to Promote Your Business Using Facebook Live

20 Dec 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Social media is constantly evolving allowing businesses to use it to their advantage. One of the most useful and most current ways is with Facebook Live. This feature allows you to record yourself or your business activities and post them live. Of course, this involves a little bit of risk since you cannot go back […]
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The Important Role Social Media Plays in Content Ranking

7 Sep 2016 By Stuart McHenry
Social media plays a unique role in your content ranking; without a social media presence, your company basically does not exist, but even with it, if you do not do it right, your content ranking will not be influenced. So what exactly is the role that this method of advertising plays? Let’s take a closer […]
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How to Leverage Social Media to Increase SEO

7 Jan 2014 By Anna McHenry
There is a large amount of evidence indicating the importance of social signals when it comes to SEO. There are several ways of leveraging social media as a tool in order to improve your rankings. It’s about time that you turned your website social by looking into social media management. Your end goal should be […]
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The Wrong Way to Do Social Media Marketing

28 Apr 2013 By Anna McHenry
By now, companies large and small understand that social media is a great way to promote brands and build customer relationships. This knowledge does not come without a learning curve. Several large corporations have made social media blunders that have caused them to come into the online news spotlight, as well as to be discussed—not […]
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How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook Contest for Marketing

4 Apr 2013 By Anna McHenry
Since Facebook has become a well-known social platform, more and more small businesses have stepped up and made sure their presence is part of the scene. There are many ways a business can use Facebook to help gain customer exposure. One of the many ways is to have a contest on their Facebook page. The […]
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Why Your SEO Firm Needs to Incorporate Social Media

2 Apr 2013 By Anna McHenry
Social media is something your SEO firm simply cannot ignore. If you want to survive this competitive marketplace, you have to be where your clients are. Your clients are already using social media every day. Read the rest of this article to find out why your SEO firm should be using social media marketing in […]
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