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Improve Your Web Design Using these 5 Effective Tips

20 Sep 2019 By Stuart McHenry
Nowadays, it is necessary for all the users or business to make their website useful and classic enough so that it can attract more and more traffic towards it.  Now, the question that occurs is how you make a website more effective and useful? Well, here you find a simple and easy answer to the […]
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What is a Custom 404 file and how do I make one?

20 Oct 2009 By Ryan Smith
Do you know what happens when you type a non-existent URL address?  You get an error message that probably looks like this: Object not found! The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again. If you think this is a server error, […]
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25 of the most used HTML tags and tag attributes

15 Oct 2009 By Ryan Smith
We all know that the content you see in your browser is made from HTML and can be viewed by just right clicking on a web page and choose “View page source”. If you understand what you are seeing, then good for you but if it is gobbledygook, then you might need to go to […]
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The 14 Best Screenshot Tools

7 Sep 2009 By Ryan Smith
1. Print Screen key The Print Screen key is often abbreviated to “PRT” sc. For MS Windows computers, pressing the print screen key copies the entire screen to the keyboard. The alt-print screen combination copies only the selected window to the clipboard. Command-shift-3, Command-shift-4 There is no print screen key on a Mac, instead, users […]
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101 Facts That You Don’t Know About the World Wide Web

29 Aug 2009 By Stuart McHenry
1. In 1996, Americans spent an average of 30 minutes a month surfing the World Wide Web.   2. The average American Spends 27 hours a month online, this according to Nielsen’s Three Screen Report for the 4th quarter of 2008.   3. The Web was invented in 1989 by a British physicist named Tim […]
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25 Most Useful Photoshop Effects

15 Jul 2009 By Ryan Smith
Perez Hilton No, this first picture has not been altered. Hollywood blogger sensation Perez Hilton really does have pink hair in this photo, and sadly, yes, the black eye is real too. Back in June, after the Toronto MuchMusic Video Awards, Black Eyed Peas manager Polo Molina reportedly punched Perez Hilton in the face. Perez […]
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How to write content that attracts attention

29 Jun 2009 By Ryan Smith
No matter where you go on the net, you will hear the phrase, “Content is king”. Traffic is important of course, but what is keeping them on your page? What is the reason they come back? It isn’t the pretty graphics and cool little advertisements you have going on. What it all comes down to […]
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16 Essential Web Design Tools for a Professional Design

17 Jun 2009 By Stuart McHenry
There is no shortage of tools and resources to help web designers work better and more efficiently. Unfortunately, the best of these tools can be difficult to find. Here are some of my top picks, divided into the essential categories of web design and development. Colors and Fonts Depending on the site, the choice of […]
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