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Top 5 Tips for Google Penalty Recovery (mistakes to avoid)

27 Jan 2014 By Anna McHenry
I’m posting this post for Stuart McHenry (my boss) who runs McKremie and provides Google penalty recovery service.  He enjoys helping companies recover from their penalties and wants to pass a few tips along. 1. Be Careful Who You Hire Most penalty removal companies don’t really care if they remove a good link or a […]
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Google Penguin Link Removal Service

14 May 2012 By Stuart McHenry
Update: We now perform an all-inclusive Google penalty recovery service.  Some quick highlights of our service are: 1) Link Audit 2) Link Removal (we do all the work) 3) Documentation of work for Google 4) Disavow File (we create and upload) 5) Reconsideration Request (we write and submit) 6) Guarantee Service. Find out more here. […]
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