Blogging acts as a backbone of your business – Is it true?

25 Sep 2019 By Ashley Rosa
Blogging first started as an online personal web log, in which a person would record details about their day. Many entrepreneurs saw a marketing potential in having a web log, so web logging took off and began to be used for the purpose of marketing. From there, the word changed from ‘web log’ to ‘blog.’ […]
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8 Basic Content Writing Skills You Need in 2019

29 Nov 2018 By Sameer Panjwani
Fire Up Your Content Skills Content writing seems like a tough skill to master. Although it does come more easily to some people than others, with practice, and these eight basic skills, you might find yourself an expert content writer in no time flat. Many of the skills on this list as great to have, […]
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Ways to Generate More SEO Traffic – Write for Us, Guest Posting, Etc.

2 Aug 2017 By Stuart McHenry
Focus on These Tips to Increase Traffic In a perfect world, your blog posts would go viral within hours of publishing it, but in reality, this does not happen. In fact, if you do not properly market it, your blog post could go completely unread. There are millions of blogs out there vying for the […]
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The Power of Social Media Marketing (Case Study)

10 Aug 2009 By Stuart McHenry
Social Media Marketing can bring in huge numbers of visitors, leads and links.  This post will discuss a blog post / video that went viral via social media websites.  The owners of the video and blog did not pay to get their content marketed.  However, this goes to show you that great content plus having […]
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How to write content that attracts attention

29 Jun 2009 By Ryan Smith
No matter where you go on the net, you will hear the phrase, “Content is king”. Traffic is important of course, but what is keeping them on your page? What is the reason they come back? It isn’t the pretty graphics and cool little advertisements you have going on. What it all comes down to […]
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7 Social Media Tools That Will Save You Time!

7 May 2009 By Ryan Smith
In the past few years many companies and individuals are starting to get their feet wet in social media marketing.  It can be difficult to manage and keep up with the all the tweets, diggs, posts, updates and shouts. To help monitor and stay connected with your social media efforts, we’ve compiled this list of […]
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7 Examples of Local Social Media Marketing

4 May 2009 By Stuart McHenry
Many local business merchants want to know what they can do to help promote their business online. Today we are going to discuss marketing for Twitter. Some are caught up in the notion that Social Media Marketing only works if you are a big company with national or global clients. This could not be further […]
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9 Things We Want to See From Twitter

13 Apr 2009 By Stuart McHenry
After using Twitter (follow us) for a few months, we have now created a wish list of the things we want to see from Twitter.  This in no way means that we do not like Twitter, actually we find it to be an excellent vehicle for communication.  These are only our top nine and we […]
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