7 Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness via Facebook

by mdammann June 2, 2009

Facebook can be fairly easy to use as a tool to increase your brand awareness.  Almost anyone can do it but it helps if you have some experience in networking.  It may take time for you to see results, but if you are persistent, you can acquire a nice following and you will soon be able to jump-start numerous successful groups.

Facebook is very simple and allows you to separate friends by groups.  When you start a new group in three clicks you will be able to invite all of those friends most likely to be interested in what your new group is about.  Below are seven great tips on how to market your company using a Facebook Group.

1) Increase Your Friends

It’s pretty hard to tell people about your company if you have no one to tell.   Add at least 100 people you either know or would like to know.  Try and find people that will be interested in the group(s) you may start on Facebook.  It’s a waste of time to seek people out that don’t have similar interests.  Stay focused on adding friends that will want to interact in conversations that you are interested in.  For example, if you are trying to increase brand awareness for an organic foods company you will probably seek out people with healthy lifestyles and similar interests.

2) Starting a Group

When you start a group the first rule of thumb is the group needs to look full and alive.  Upload pictures, videos and start topics and discuss.  Get a few of your friends to help add to the discussion and post their own questions and content to keep the group going.

Ask a question here and there in the main body of the group and do not hesitate to link to articles on the bottom. The articles should link to informative websites in the industry or your own.  If you manage to write good content on your blog, this is the ideal place to promote new posts.

3) Quality Content

Now that you have a Facebook group started you need to keep quality content and a strong message.  People often join groups on Facebook but then rarely go back to interact with the group.  They may read what’s going on but the reason why they don’t come back is the lack of quality content.  If you keep the producing quality content, others will see what is going on and this will bring in new members.

4) Moderate Your Group

Do not bombard the members with senseless newsletters or spam.  Someone we know sends out a monthly newsletter that is nothing more than a recap of his blog.  (lame)  Why would I want the information twice?  Wait for something newsworthy or create “how to” articles that people will enjoy and get value out of.   When you create this quality content you can often slip in some mentions of your brand.

5) Networking with Moderators of Larger Groups

Networking with the owners of the biggest groups in your niche or a similar niche can really add value.  If you can do anything of cross-promotional together it can help both groups grow, especially the smaller group.  Doing so often can take time to establish a quality relationship with such moderators but you will often get out what you put in.

6) Quality Conversations

Have quality conversations. When a friend has some post you can get in on, then do not hesitate to shine with knowledge, input, and opinion or questions. You cannot be shy. You need to let them realize that you are a qualified and knowledgeable person and people will be interested in joining your groups and checking out your site.

7) Be Social & Tell Everyone About Your Group(s)

Tell friends about your group, in fact, tell anyone who might be interested.  Some of the best ways are to invite people via Facebook and use Twitter to tell others about your group.  A group will really grow when friends from all angles meet.  I always say, once those you know are connecting there and start bringing in fresh blood, your group or community is going to be on autopilot and you will not be needed unless you decide to come in and add something that you believe is going to shine the limelight on your network.

Mike Dammann is a veteran real estate marketer with social network marketing clients in all walks of business and life. He is also active in real estate investing, entertainment, politics and social causes.

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