The 14 Best Screenshot Tools

by Ryan Smith September 7, 2009

1. Print Screen key

The Print Screen key is often abbreviated to “PRT” sc. For MS Windows computers, pressing the print screen key copies the entire screen to the keyboard. The alt-print screen combination copies only the selected window to the clipboard.
Command-shift-3, Command-shift-4

There is no print screen key on a Mac, instead, users can use the command-shift-3 combination to save a copy of the screen to a file. The command-shift-4 combination enables a user to save a portion of the screen to a file

2. Jing Project –

Created by TechSmith, Jing Project is freeware and works for both Mac and Windows. With this nifty piece of software, you can even make a recorded video of onscreen action aside from snapping a picture of your computer screen.


3. Grab –

This application is created by Apple for the Mac OSX. This application can be located in the Mac Utilities folder which is under Applications.

4. Skitch –

Made for Macs, this app can capture a chat moment on your screen, snap a website, and share the image with your network friends. Record your everyday onscreen activities for quick filing and documentation.


5. Little Snapper –

This is a paid application which lets you snap, collect and share your onscreen images. Created and distributed by RealMac Software.

6. iGrabIt –

Made by Hidden Valley Software, this screenshot tool was made for Macs wherein you can capture whatever is displayed on your PC screen and save it as an MOV file.

7. Fireshot –

This is a Firefox extension created by the Mozilla Company. This can take entire screenshots of both the visible and non-visible part of the webpage.

8. iShowU –

This is a real time capture made for Mac by ShinyWhiteBox. It can instantly record movies and has USB camera support.

9. SnagIt –

Probably the best screen capture software for Windows computers. It is available as a 30-day trial download. It is easy and very intuitive to use.

10. CaptureWizPro –

Another screen capture utility for Windows computers available as a 30-day trial download. It is capable of capturing the entire contents of scrolling areas, drop-down lists, tool tips, mouse pointers and screen savers.

11. XnView –

XnView is freeware that is a fast multiple format image browser and converter. It is capable of reading more than 400 graphic formats. Aside from screen capture, it also does slide shows and supports WIA and TWAIN devices.

12. ScreenHunter –

Another well regarded and free screen capture software for Windows computers. The application is able to capture a full screen, an active window, the client window, or a rectangular area. User can set any function key (F1 to F10) for hot-key or delayed capture.

13. IrfanView –

IrfanView is a simple, fast and free software that is capable of doing multiple image editing tasks like cropping, batch conversions, create panoramas and of course, screen capture.

14. PhotoScape –

This is often downloaded free software for various image editing tasks. According to its maker, PhotoScape is a capable image viewer, editor, batch editor, animated GIF creator, file print, file splitter and screen capture.

Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith was the former Director of Operations for McKremie.

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