50 Reasons Your Child Should Have A Blog

by Stuart McHenry April 8, 2009

Baby Blogger

In the modern digital age there is no more valuable method of self-expression than the Blog. The Internet has become the source of informational revolution, a place where ideas and dreams collide, forming a unique opportunity to expose the truth of who we as humans are to each other. A completely new and unique idea, The Kizzog, introduces children to this powerful medium. The Kizzog offers the opportunity to communicate and interact in the digital age of now and beyond. Below are 50 reasons YOUR child should have, and will benefit from a Kizzog Kids Blog.

1) The Traditional Scrapbook Is Dead

In our world, digital is King. The traditional scrapbook has had its time, but now we are moving forward with original ideas of self-expression. The Blog has become the scrapbook of modern life, propelling our important moments into the world. The Blog takes the pages of the scrapbook, buried beneath the dust of the attic, and thrusts them into the light of contemporary life.

2) The Blog is the new Diary

For most of us, it is important to express ourselves freely. We all need an outlet to vent, celebrate, or remember things in our daily lives. The Blog is great for children yearning to express themselves day after day.

3) Baby Is Born

The birth of a child is a wondrous moment, a true miracle in action and the fulcrum of life’s joy. We are the Stars of our own story. Our first breath in this world is a memory we should cherish and announce.

4) Going Home with Mom and Dad

When the Baby finally leaves the hospital it is an amazing moment. All parents remember and cherish that first night at home, whether or not they sleep through the night.

5) First Word

Whether it is Mom, Dad, or another affectionate syllable the first word is one of life’s most important happenings. An essential part of knowing ourselves is to know the events of our lives, and the first word is a defining developmental leap.

6) First Time Crawling

Freedom! We are moving around in our environment, trying to find a way of reaching out. Crawling is an important memory for parents and children alike.

7) First Birthday

We’ve made it this far and our discoveries of the surrounding environment are starting to affect us. Mom and Dad are weary and exhausted, but they are the happiest they’ve ever been. The gleam in the eye of a child as he or she blows out those first candles is an exhilarating moment for the entire family.

8) First Steps

Emblematic of our resolve and determination as humans, the first step is a testament to individual strength. We take that step, developmental and physical, and we never go back. From that moment on, we will stand up straight, exploring the world in a new way.

9) First Time in the Pool

Swimming with Mom and Dad is so fun! How will we remember this moment at such a young age? Chances are we’ll forget as fast as it happens. Record this moment for your child!

10) First Play Date

Everybody knows how fun it can be to see their child make friends and socialize. We all need that connection with others. Let the whole neighborhood see the exciting day with photos on your child’s Blog.

11) First Christmas

The first Christmas is a huge event. Children begin to learn the joy of giving. They start to understand how important it is to be around family for the Holidays.

12) First Fourth Of July

Fourth Of July is an American tradition. The fireworks in your hometown are a great opportunity to take some amazing photos of your child and post them on a Blog.

13) First Day Of Pre-School

One of the passages of modern life is the first day of school. It is the first freedom of our children, and simultaneously the first time our parents let us go. From a sheltered, protected environment into the world of grand experience and education. This is the meaning of our first day in school.

14) Taking The Training Wheels Off

No longer constricted by the hindrances of training wheels, we are free to balance as we please. We are free to twist and turn, to whip through the summer air. The training wheels are a passage for most children. Now and only now can we REALLY ride!

15) First Pet

The tiny puppy with the squeak for a bark or the curious kitten purring beneath the blankets; the first pet is a memory all children will cherish. They will remember the name, the personality, and all the chewed shoes. In fact, they will tell their own kids about it, and with a Blog, it will be preserved in vibrant colors for the family to see.

16) Loss Of First Tooth

What a discovery? The Tooth Fairy! It might hurt when that tooth finally comes out, but we can’t wait to get to sleep that night!

17) First Day of Kindergarten

Your child is headed into the wide world of education. Capture this moment with a video and post it on your child’s Blog where everybody in the family can watch.

18) First Summer Vacation

Headed to the beach for the summer? Your child will love to see all the pictures you’ve taken on his or her Blog. The family would love to see the kids building sand castles and running from the surf.

19) Family Vacation

What better example of modern life is there than the family vacation? That first trip for the parents and children together is a milestone for the whole family. On your child’s Blog, you can post pictures and video with an easy to use interface.

20) The Alphabet

The Alphabet is one of the most important milestones of any childhood. The Alphabet gives us the ability to acquire tons of knowledge throughout the years. Use your child’s Blog to show the whole family with an easily uploaded video.

21) Counting to Ten

Will we always remember the joy of watching our child count to ten for the first time? We will if we’ve uploaded a video onto a Blog for all to see. As your child grows he or she will want to watch this moment again and again.

22) Tee-Ball

Little League is a big part of most children’s lives. With a Blog, you can record that first home run, or post a video of your child catching their first pop fly.

23) Swim Team

Camaraderie is a huge part of Team Sports. As your child learns and grows it is important to capture these special moments. Use a Blog to keep the memories fresh.

24) Ballet

Do you have a dancer on your hands? Most children find something they love and stick to it for their entire childhood. Make sure you track their personal progress with a Blog.

25) Halloween

Spiderman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Barbie or Cinderella? How fun would it be to post Photos of Halloween? The first Halloween is especially exciting and important for your child to remember.

26) First Field Trip

Whether it’s Whale watching or a trip to the local Cinema, that first field trip is a wonderful event to celebrate on a Blog. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had pictures from this amazing day?

27) First school Holiday Production

Remember singing Deck The Halls? Remember Frosty The Snowman? Don’t let your child forget this holiday cheer. A Blog is the best place to post photos from school functions, and to write about Holiday Happenings.

28) Graduation From Elementary School

The first graduation ceremony is a promise of things to come for your child. With a Blog, you can show relatives across the country how happy your child is to be moving on to middle school.

29) First Dance

The first dance is always a cherished memory. Our parents take our picture with the pretty date or the handsome fellow. We try to hide our nerves as we dance arm’s length apart. When we get home there has never been a more fulfilling night.

30) Graduation From Middle School

Now we’re really cooking. It’s on to the big wide world of High School, but first the celebration of Middle School. It’s during this time period that your child really starts to branch out. They are becoming the student, the athlete, or the person they long to be. It’s important to preserve these memories.

31) Disneyland

Who doesn’t want to preserve that first trip to Disneyland? The happiest place on earth is a place for smiling faces and incredible pictures. The whole family wants to see your child laughing with Mickey Mouse, or screaming down Splash Mountain.

32) Photo Sharing

Everybody in the family wants to see your child grow. With a personal Blog, you can upload photos and video so the whole family can see. It’s simple and easy to keep Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunts and Uncles in the loop with a Blog.

33) Fading Memories

The human memory is flawed. Our memories are bound to fade as the years pass us by. A Blog is a perfect way to preserve our memories in digital form. Show the whole family pictures and video.

34) School Play

Do you have a young thespian in the family? Is your child a performer? A Blog is an easy way to start a performance portfolio for your child and show the world his or her talents.

35) Best Friend

We all remember our first Best Friend, but do we have pictures to show? As your child grows they will make great friends. It’s important to record these moments.

36) Slumber Parties

Your Son or Daughter will inevitably have friends stay over at some point. Make sure you have the ability to store these moments in your family history with a Blog.

37) Pool Parties

Do you have great photos of your Son or Daughter teaching friends to dive off the diving board? A Blog gives you a place to put those photos where everybody can see the fun.

38) Movies with Friends

Do you remember your first movie experience with friends? A Blog post will store this memory for your child. They can write about likes and dislikes or list the friends who attended.

39) High School Sports

Is your child an all-league performer? Is important to them how well they do on the playing field? A Blog is great to capture High School moments. If you have a child that wants to play collegiate sports a Blog is a great tool for marketing.

40) High School Dances

Capture pictures of the first date and post them on a Blog. It may be a nerve-wracking experience, but the first dance is always memorable.

41) Sixteenth Birthday

The sixteenth birthday is a rite of passage into adulthood. Whether you throw a big party or a family get-together, take pictures for your child’s Blog.

42) Driving School

There may be a few close calls, but as long as everybody gets home safe it’s a blast. Your child is gearing up for the Driver’s Test. Writing about this experience on a Blog is a great way to keep the family informed.

43) High School Honor Roll

Honor Roll is a wonderful distinction for any child. Tell the whole family about your child’s academic success as they start on the path to college.

44) Drivers License

As your child passes the Driver’s Test on the first try make sure they are writing about it on their Blog. The family will be happy to know that they are gaining independence.

45) Homecoming Dance

Whether or not your child is Homecoming King or Queen, this event is extremely important to capture in a Blog. Your child can post pictures or video, and write about the amazing night.

46) Prom

Many have said this is the greatest night of their High School lives. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of your young couple as they head out for a wonderful time.

47) College Application Process

The application process is stressful and intensive. The Blog can record the process, helping to form a network of an organization. Your child can announce their final choice for College on a Blog, making the entire family proud.

48) Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work is a great opportunity for your child to meet people from the community. Writing about this experience using a Blog makes it easy to keep family and friends aware of your child’s contribution to the community.

49) High School Graduation

This is the moment when your child breaks free into adulthood. Any family or friends unable to attend the ceremony will be thankful for the video posted on your child’s Blog.

50) Off to College

True freedom for your child. Now they can use their personal Blog to examine their own worldviews. It can be used as a source of income, or a source of incredible self -expression.

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