Google Penguin Link Removal Service

by Stuart McHenry May 14, 2012

Update: We now perform an all-inclusive Google penalty recovery service.  Some quick highlights of our service are:

1) Link Audit

2) Link Removal (we do all the work)

3) Documentation of work for Google

4) Disavow File (we create and upload)

5) Reconsideration Request (we write and submit)

6) Guarantee Service.

Find out more here.

Since the dramatic Google Penguin update a few weeks ago webmasters and companies have been going crazy trying to clean up their backlink portfolios. This can be time-consuming and even harder for the average Joe to determine which links they should keep and which ones that should dump. After seeing people requesting good quality links to be removed we decided it was time to step in. It frustrates us to see webmasters erase good links on bad recommendations.

We are offering our Link Removal Services for those that have been affected. Please contact us and let us know about your situation.

Who is this service good for?

  • Companies that don’t have the resources or time to analyze their backlinks.
  • If you don’t have a good understanding of what a good link or bad link look like.
  • Companies that need both link removal and quality link building.
  • If you have lost traffic and are not exactly sure why.
  • If you want to grow their search engine traffic
  • If you are tired of SEO Companies that are wasting their time and money


For those that want to do it there selves, I have put together some great tips you can use as a guideline. It’s been said for years that not all links are created equal in 2012 you can see the negative impacts of those links.

Step One:
Ensure that Google Penguin is the cause of your rankings drop. Google makes more than 500 algorithm changes per year. I have seen websites where people claim they were hit by Penguin update but when you look at their traffic drops it was clearly prior to the release of Penguin. In this case peeling off links probably won’t work.

Many times if you start some quality link building you can regain your rankings from a non-penguin drop. This is when you need quality inbound marketing to balance out your link portfolio.

Step Two:
Once you have confirmed it was the Google Penguin update that hit your website the fun begins. Now you need to analyze all your backlinks pointing to your website both the homepage and all eternal pages. Depending on your website this can take anywhere from hours to weeks if done correctly.

This is the step that most website owners are doing by choosing quantity over quality, which is not advised. We have already seen great natural links request to be removed. It’s hard enough to get natural links why would you want these removed? We suggest you follow our quality guidelines on what a natural link looks like.

Step Three:
Contact the domain owner and request that your link is removed. So far we have assisted with this step and find most domain owners helpful. This step you often need to be careful on your wording and even send the emails to several of the contacts listed. Some domain owners you several email address and sometimes only check their primary.

Step Four:
Build some quality links. I know most website owners are in a panic and are only interested in pruning the spammy links but ranking in Google is all about trust. You must replace these links with quality.

The entire process can be time consuming and can take several months when done right. After all, this is done then it’s time to wait for Google’s algorithm to kick in. If you are interested in McKremie’s Penguin Link Removal Service reach out to us here.

Stuart McHenry
Stuart McHenry is a US-based SEO Consultant focusing on link building, content marketing, local SEO, and reputation management. Follow Stuart on Twitter @smindsrt

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