9 Things We Want to See From Twitter

by Stuart McHenry April 13, 2009

After using Twitter (follow us) for a few months, we have now created a wish list of the things we want to see from Twitter.  This in no way means that we do not like Twitter, actually we find it to be an excellent vehicle for communication.  These are only our top nine and we would like to hear what you guys think or if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see from Twitter.

1) Twitter Dating

Twitter is an amazing tool for communicating and making new friends.  Unfortunately, most of the people you become friends with on Twitter you will never meet due to geographical reasons.  Twitter can easily become the # 1 dating community in the world.

Twitter could create a dating section with controls and features.  Looking to find that special someone within 10 miles, 25 miles or even 50 miles?  Set your preferences via a radius and then enter Twitter Date.   Get tweets from single people within your area.  This could be take to a few steps higher by adding tags to your Twitter profile with 10-20 things you are interested in.

2) Groups or Tagging

I know *groups* are very Web 1.0 so we can call this grouping or tagging it’s still basically the same thing.  People want a way to be able to find other Tweeple by the specific groups that they create or tag.  This is especially important if you have a high follower count or the people you are following are very active.  Hash marks are good for looking for specific tweets about something but we want to be able to find people and help categorize Twitter.

3) Sorting Options (followers & following)

Tweeple want to be able to sort through both people they are following and their followers.  It can be so hard finding a person on Twitter even if you are following them already.  With some lists of followers reaching into the thousands, people are looking for a better way whether it’s alphabetically or via a better search function.

4) Nearby Feature

So much could be done with a nearby feature.  Twitter is so current, information can be found on Twitter faster than just about anywhere.  So let’s say you are going to spend the day in San Diego.  Wouldn’t it be great once you are in San Diego to search people in the local area to find out what they are up to?  I know there are some applications out there that can do this but they don’t work that great and they are third party.

5) Twitter Profile Data

There must be a ton of cool statistics about your Twitter profile from visits to refer stats.  It would be a great tool to have in each account for each user.  This way if your follower account goes up by 25 people in a single day you can find the reasons for this.  This would be a very helpful tool, one that many business’ would most likely pay for.

6) Control My Top 36

Who is in your Fave Five?  OK, so there are like 36 spots under my profile and it seems this is based off of popularity of followers.  I would like to be able to control the people that appear in these spots.  This would be a handy tool if I wanted an easy way to find out what a person was up to.

7) Editing of Tweets

I’m sure I’m not alone out there and this has probably happened to others.  Have you ever sent a tweet and then realized within seconds of sending that tweet you screwed up and spelt spell something wrong? This doesn’t happen everyday but maybe once a week.  I need like a 30 second window that will allow me to go in and fix my mistake.

8) Mute Button

Every once in a while, people that I follow go Twitter Nuts!  For some reason they start tweeting like it’s going out of style or they get into these conversations with people and tweet too much.  These are people I want to follow but really just need a Mute Button so I can ignore their tweets for a while.  I don’t want to hurt their feelings; so this Mute Button should be anonymous and they should not know I had to mute them.

9) Re-Tweet Button

Re-tweeting is a very popular thing to do and is probably the most used user created a function on Twitter. It would be great if there was a little button that we could just click on and it would instantly create the RT for us.

Stuart McHenry
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