7 Examples of Local Social Media Marketing

by Stuart McHenry May 4, 2009

Many local business merchants want to know what they can do to help promote their business online. Today we are going to discuss marketing for Twitter. Some are caught up in the notion that Social Media Marketing only works if you are a big company with national or global clients. This could not be further from the truth and we are going to provide you with 7 examples of how local merchants are promoting themselves online via Social Media Marketing.

1) The Hotel

Hotel Max (Seattle, WA) is the former Vance Hotel which combines art and luxury. The hotel showcases 39 local Seattle artists and photographers, along with nationally known artists.

@hotel_max utilizes their Twitter profile to mention local events, provide discounts, answer questions and has contest giveaways. At least a few times per week they seem to be having “giveaways” where followers can win some prizes like Art Galleries, Max bag, and Art Books.

2) The Book Store

Book People (Austin, TX)

Book People is the largest independent bookstore in Texas. They are located in Austin and use Twitter (@BookPeople) to spread the word about new books, pre-orders and book signings.

3) The Coffee Shop

Pumphreys Coffee Roasters (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

Pumphrey’s Coffee is based at Bridge Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Along with coffee tips and lots of great informational tweets via @PumphreysCoffee about coffee and tea.  This is how they connect with customers letting them know about the Coffee of the Day and their promotional items.

4) The Salon

Emerson Salon (Seattle, WA)

Emerson Salon is located in the Capitol Hill Seattle area.  @emersonsalon tweets connect with their followers and provide information about new stylists and hair tips.

5) The Clothing Store

Banana Republic (Fashion Square Scottsdale, AZ)

Banana Republic is a large company but at least in one of their stores someone (@BRFashionSquare) has focused on Twitter Marketing. This is actually very rare for a large company with multiple locations but others should take note. This is a great way for their customers to keep in touch and find out about new arrivals and promotions.

6) The Wedding Planner

Bridal Bar (Los Angeles & San Diego, CA)

Bridal Bar is a high-end complimentary planning experience where brides and their families can educate themselves with the assistance of knowledgeable wedding professionals. Harmony, the Founder of Bridal Bar, tweets from @bridalbar about special events to stay connected to her Twitter followers.

7) The Band

RevelationSeven (St. Louis, MO)

RevelationSeven is a band based out of the St. Louis area. They use Twitter (@revelationseven) to stay connected to their fans and provide information about upcoming events.

Stuart McHenry
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