Social Media Tools to Help With Online Reputation Management

by Anna McHenry February 4, 2013

Social media is essential for any business owners. It is one of the best ways that one is able to manage their online reputation. However, being in-tune all of the time is something that many people find to be fairly difficult. So, this article is going to discuss social media tools that help with online reputation management.





The main reason as to why people do not have the online reputation that they want is because they do not feel like having to go to multiple sites to get the same message across. However, with HootSuite your dilemmas have come to an end and your social media life will be so much easier. HootSuite allows their users to have up to five social media profiles registered to their system that can all be managed from within their app. The site is easy to navigate and virtually everyone who uses it agrees that their social media online reputation has become so much easier to manage with this tool.





InboxQ is an app that can be used in combination with HootSuite or you can install it to your toolbar in your internet browser. This app is commonly used by those who are looking to connect with individuals who may be interested in their business on Twitter. It works by allowing you to type in specific keywords to see which users may have tweeted questions about a service that you are offering. You can then follow the user and give them a relevant answer in hopes of gaining a new customer/follower.


This is another one of the helpful social media tools that can make managing your online reputation easier. When you use this tool you will be able to convert more Twitter leads into paying customers because you can see who your “high value” members are. Furthermore, it breaks your followers down into lists so you can see who gives you the most mentions. This way you can know who you need to be concentrating on engaging with. Not to mention the fact that also has a free version which is great for those who like to test the waters before they commit to something.



Just Retweet


Just Retweet is one of the most valuable tools in a lot of businesses opinion when it comes to making sure that your posts are seen on Twitter, Facebook, and more recently Google Plus. Just Retweet is free to use, however, you are going to have to share the other member’s messages so you can have points to be able to have the community share your messages. Users will tweet whatever message you provide them with and you will offer them a set amount of points to do so. There are other tools of a similar nature but research is showing the Just Retweet is the most beneficial one at the moment.

Overall, having a good online reputation is what is going to cause your business to excel. Online reputation management is something that can be very time-consuming yet the ending result is something that makes it worth the effort. These four tools that have been listed in the article are the tools that are said to be the ones that make online reputation management the easiest. However, there are numerous other tools available out there you are just going to have to take the time and put in some research to find them. These should get you started but that is not to say that you are not going to come across some other tools that will make things even easier.

Anna McHenry
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