Why Your SEO Firm Needs to Incorporate Social Media

by Anna McHenry April 2, 2013

Social media is something your SEO firm simply cannot ignore. If you want to survive this competitive marketplace, you have to be where your clients are. Your clients are already using social media every day. Read the rest of this article to find out why your SEO firm should be using social media marketing in your business.



1. Social Media Can Help Your SEO Firm Get More Website Traffic



Your social media activity can bring more traffic to your website. You can’t just randomly post your site on social media sites and expect good results. You have to make your post relevant to the people you are connected with.



2. Connect With Your Target Market in Real Time


Social media allows you to connect with your target market in real time. If you want to see what your target market is doing at 5 AM on Saturday, you can do that using social media. If you want to see where your target market is shopping or what they want to buy, social media can help your SEO firm with that as well.



3. See What Your Target Market Is Having Trouble With Right Now


When people are frustrated they will usually post about the frustration on social media. This can be a great way for you show how you are the solution to the problems your clients are facing. You can just post answers to the questions they face and casually mention that you have a post on your blog about that. Ask permission to share your link before you post it. A lot of people don’t want you posting links on their social media profile without their permission.



4. Social Media Can Help You Build Brand Recognition


Participating in social media sites can help you build brand recognition for your company. You can put your company’s logo on your profile. You can put your tagline on your profile. The more you interact with people on social media, the more often your brand will show up.



5. Social Media Marketing Can Increase Your Influence


When people see your SEO firm all over social media, they will think that you are more of an expert than someone they don’t see a lot of. When they need someone to do SEO work they will think of your firm first because they have seen your posts. If you have used social media correctly, you will have developed a relationship with these potential customers and they will trust that you will do a good job.



6. Increased Customer Interaction


If your customers have a complaint or a problem with one of your products, you should use social media as a way to respond quickly to the complaint. Don’t ignore the complaint. Use this as an opportunity to show off your stellar customer service skills by responding as fast as you can. Even a simple status message letting the customer know you are working on the problem will go a long way to building up trust.



7. Research Your Competitors


Social media can even help you spy on, er I mean research your competition. You will be able to see what your rivals are working on. You will be able to see what conferences they attend. Now, this doesn’t mean you copy everything that your competition does verbatim. This should just give you some ideas of what you can be doing to help your company grow.

Social media is an important part of Internet marketing. You have to jump in and participate in the discussion. It’s much easier to be proactive about social media than to be reacting just because someone has posted something negative about you online.

Anna McHenry
Anna McHenry is the Director of Client Services here at McKremie. She tweets from @McKremie so stop by and say "hi" on Twitter.

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