Why Freelance Writers Should Be Using Google+

by Anna McHenry February 11, 2013

Many people wondered what the response could possibly be when the internet behemoth that is Google rolled out its own social networking type product, Google+. While it is debatable whether the world needs another place for categorizing and building relationships Google+ has proven to be invaluable to freelance writers attempting to build and sustain lucrative careers.



Using Google+ can improve search engine rankings


One of the best features of Google+ is in the way it is able to help with searches and rank certain entries within that search. When someone uses Google +, the keywords and discussion topics used within their circles will come up in searches on that topic by those users. This is useful for freelance writers because this allows an individual writer to become an expert on topics he or she regularly posts on or discusses within Google+ circles. A freelance writer who often discusses parenting and nutrition topics on the network will come up in the top searches of any user within his or her circles who may be looking for a parenting and nutrition writer. The search results are individualized for each user, assuming that relevant information from within “trusted” circles will be most desired. If your acquaintance and business relationship circles are wide and varied, you can find yourself at the forefront of searches for your niche specialty.



Google+ is easily used with other Google products freelance writers already use


Most freelance writers use e-mail addresses from Gmail, blogs on Blogger and video interview clips on YouTube. Google+ provides a seamless interaction between all Google products so that each can be utilized to its best advantage.



Google + hangouts is an efficient way to conduct interviews


Most freelance writers log high costs in travel expenses when their duties require face to face interviews with sources or potential employers. The global functionality of hangouts on Google+ allows freelancers to attend interviews from the comfort of their own homes. High-quality video chats that have a capacity of ten people at a time are also a great way to hold meetings with clients and co-writers, if necessary.



Circles are private and easily categorized


The private nature of the networking circles on Google+ allows freelance writers to categorize relationships in the most efficient ways. For instance, fellow writers can be placed in circles where the writer can discuss aspects of their common career without worrying about clients viewing these discussions. Conversely, competing writers are not privy to the relationships between clients and their writers. Yet, no matter the nature of the circle the writer places any given individual in, there are still benefits to the relationships and the individuals never know what category he or she has been placed in. This is especially helpful if a valued source is simply a business associate but uses the network for more social ventures. The writer can ensure that the source is in the appropriate grouping that allows limited access to the writer’s valuable writing time.



Another venue for showcasing expertise


Another network is yet another venue for showing exactly what a freelance writer has to offer. Potential clients and colleagues can view a writer online and determine whether or not he or she is a good fit for a job opening or special project. The marketing afforded through venues such as this is invaluable as it is a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week showcase of ideas and portfolios that can represent the writer while the writer pursues other activities such as writing.

Google+ has not yet gained the traction of other social networking products, however, it is possibly on track to surpass the number of members in other venues once different industries realize the potential value in it. The well-fed freelance writer cannot afford to wait to get on board.

Anna McHenry
Anna McHenry is the Director of Client Services here at McKremie. She tweets from @McKremie so stop by and say "hi" on Twitter.

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