101 Reasons Why You Suck At Social Media

by Stuart McHenry July 17, 2012

1) You only promote your own crap
2) You are constantly ranting
3) You don’t know what Quora is
4) Your name is Woody Harrelson and you did an AMA on Reddit
5) You are not original
6) #You #use #hashtags #everywhere #dontbedumb
7) You send auto direct messages
8) You use animated GIFs
9) You send blank request on Linkedin
10) You’re not engaging people
11) You are posting way too often
12) You aren’t sharing others people good content
13) You automate too much
14) Let’s face it you are boring
15) You post too many pictures of your cat
16) You drop affiliate links every chance you get
17) You took advice from your IT department
18) You bite the hand that feeds you ie. Gilbert Gottfried
19) You only use social media to stalk your ex
20) You tag yourself at home

21) You are the mayor of places you’ve never been to
22) You don’t see the point of social media
23) You post too much about religion
24) You think what you like must be what everyone likes
25) You don’t put your listening ears on
26) You like your own posts and pictures
27) You are treating Google+ like it’s Facebook
28) You endorse strangers on Linkedin
29) Your photo is a business logo
30) You don’t use proper English
31) You are not interesting
32) You ask for too many ReTweets
33) You invite everyone to every business event
34) You are obsessed with Klout scores
35) You are posting way too little
36) You only post about your ebook
37) You don’t know who your audience is
38) You follow bots on Twitter
39) You post the same crap over and over and over
40) You add scripts to automatically attract followers

41) You pin more than you tweet
42) You don’t understand the power of Twitter
43) You don’t know how to network
44) You embarrass your friends and family via social media
45) You are lazy
46) You can’t express yourself in under 140 characters
47) You don’t personalize your interactions
48) You don’t own your public mistakes
49) You respond to people from social media networks via email
50) You want to replace the words “social media” with “business marketing
51) You already know everything
52) You argue and fight with your fans
54) You post too many pictures of your meals
55) You aren’t on anyone’s list
56) Your posts are not genuine
57) You tag people for no reason
58) You don’t experiment
59) You ghost check-in Foursquare-you really didn’t visit so don’t check in
60) You post about how to make money online

61) Your grammar and spelling sucks
62) Your profile has the word “master” in it
63) You give offers after friend request is accepted
64) You are a know-it-all
65) You follow people with an egg profile picture
66) You use the word “epic” in your profile or post
67) You openly insult others
68) You have one circle for everyone
69) Your pins are all blatantly promoting yourself
70) You try too much too fast
71) You regurgitate way more than anyone else
72) You aren’t transparent enough
73) You don’t thank people for sharing your information
74) Your photo is an egg
75) You cross promote too much
76) You post too much about politics
77) You ignore people connecting with you via social media
78) You aren’t on Tumblr
79) You don’t have a custom Twitter background
80) You don’t actually manage your social media profiles

81) Your profile has the word “expert” in it
82) You don’t know the power social has on reputation management
83) You promote nothing but infographics
84) You post nothing but list post
85) Your headlines are the main course
86) You friend request people you don’t know
87) You aren’t helpful
88) You think social media is the only strategy you need
89) You don’t know how to measure success
90) You are not yourself on social media networks
91) You don’t get auto-publishing and how it can help or hurt
92) You don’t like learning new tools
93) You think YouTube is only for music videos
94) You are a copycat
95) You think social media is a novelty
96) You are too focused on tools
97) You ignore negative post
98) You post to the wrong account
99) You lie about your skills
100) You actually have no skills

101) You are a spammer!

Stuart McHenry
Stuart McHenry is a US-based SEO Consultant focusing on link building, content marketing, local SEO, and reputation management. Follow Stuart on Twitter @smindsrt

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